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Colibrì System: the challenge of managing strong corporate growth together with SAP Business One®

CoLibrì System is the market leader in services and systems for the protection and cover of books. CoLibrì works mainly in the school and university sector, but also with libraries and book archives. The CoLibrì system is the only company capable of simultaneously guaranteeing extremely fast times and high quality to preserve and protect books. Following the company’s policy of using only the most advanced technology to make its covers, it has chosen to rely on a high-quality ERP platform such as SAP Business One.

The project

  • Market sector: Stationery products
  • Products and service: Protection and cover systems for books
  • Employees: 15 employees
  • Turnover: 11 millions
  • SAP® Solutions: SAP Business One

Business needs

  • Colibrì System had previously an information system with limited features.
  • The need for an international software such as SAP Business One to connect and make their 5 foreign branches communicate and support strong corporate growth.

Why SAP and InformEtica Consulting

  • For a micro-multinational such as Colibrì System with the goal of further expansion, an international ERP platform such as SAP Business One is the most suitable solution to achieve this result.
  • SAP Business One enables management of multiple locations, business units, legal entities and divisions.
  • The role of InformEtica was essential; the company has been able to carry out an analysis of business processes and to adapt the software to Colibrì System’s requests, in a very short time.


  • Defined information flows and procedures where there previously were gaps.
  •  Improved management of Colibrì System processes such as the registration of covering machines.
  • Faster navigability and accessibility of the data.
  • A secure and reliable company system thanks to the accuracy of the information provided.
  • SAP Business One is a rigorous and flexible ERP platform that automates business processes and allows real-time analysis.

““We have grown and become organized thanks to the development paths outlined by a technological partner such as InformEtica and thanks to an international, strong and reliable solution such as SAP Business One”.

Sauro Bonecchi, IT Manager, Colibrì System, Italia