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The product configurator that streamlines technical, commercial, production and logistics processes

Kite One is a fast and flexible product configurator that allows companies to customize each item through a single tool. The solution, through a Neutral Code, makes it easy to manage multiple BOMs, both during the creation phase and during the maintenance phase.

It’s also a Parametric tool so it allows to generate not only the BOMs but also item codes and routings. KiteOne has an optional feature with 3D Graphics that reproduces the finished product or component in 3D.

To have a constant link between the company and its customers and suppliers, KiteOne provides 2 B2B and B2C Modules that can be used by any device and in any place because of their responsive interface.

Key Aspects


With Neuter BoM

With 3D Graphical representation

With B2B and B2C modules

SAP Certified

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