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TerminalOne SAP Business One and LPOne extension
to manage Mobile Devices
TerminalOne SAP Business One and LPOne extension
to manage Mobile Devices

Keep track of the warehouse by managing data real time

Our Mobile Device allows you to acquire several different types of information across the Logistics and Production Areas.

Mobile Devices operate within a local network by reading barcodes and communicating with the SAP Business One DB, whether this be local or remote.

The advanced functionalities of our Mobile Devices allow SAP Business One and LPOne to gather and manage data about goods handling in the Warehouse and Logistics areas, allowing you to manage inventories real time.

Key aspects

Fast customer orders fulfillment

Fulfill customer orders and manage picking lists to ship to customers and set-up Free deliveries as configured by default

Manage Serial Shipping Container Code

When setting up a customer delivery, you can manage the content of the outgoing package by generating the SSCC and its related label.

Manage goods recepit from Purchase Order or Free Delivery

Once you get the data from the operator and the goods supplier, you will be able to manage open purchase orders in the system.

Manage Free and On Request warehouse transfers

The operator activates the warehouse transfer procedure among warehouses and, once it’s done, the data will be available in TCOne

Calculate Warehouse Inventory

TerminalOne allows you to calculate the warehouse inventory by linking it to one or more specific operators

Manage Production Orders

TerminalOne is helped by LPOne to detect which materials need to be moved among the different production sites within the company.

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