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Berteotti Giovanni Srl: production of molds for the cold deformation of the sheet metal

SAP Business One® and LPOne

Berteotti Giovanni bases his business on the production of molds and he needed a management model that could handle orders and the production cycle. InformEtica has identified, in SAP Business One and its LPOne add-on, the answer to the needs of a growing company.

The project

  • Industria: Automotive
  • Products and Services: Design and construction of molds for sheet metal and production in series of metal parts for automotive
  • Database: SQL
  • SAP Solutions: SAP Business One


  • Complete order management and serial production
  • Costs assignment of activities to better manage sales
  • Work account management

Why SAP and LPOne

  • SAP is user friendly
  • SAP is an ERP that meets the needs of a company that works with orders
  • LPOne allows traceability of the production cycle and possible improvement implementations


  • Independent in a short time
  • User friendly interface
  • It allows management control in order to increase profitability of orders
  • Efficient and careful control of production costs on commissioned orders

Chosen Solutions

LPOne is the innovative solution developed for SAP Business One that streamlines your company’s production processes

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​​”SAP Business One is a user friendly solution that allowed us to be autonomous in a short time”

Claudio Berteotti, Manager Berteotti Srl