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Green Innovation: food innovation chooses SAP with the SAP Business One® ERP for a sustainable future

Green Innovation is a commercial company founded in 2015 with the mission to introduce and distribute natural feed for farm animals. Over time, their distribution has expanded into new markets to the point of worldwide sales. Just to keep up with the company’s growth, Green Innovation searched for an ERP that could boast international credibility and functionality.

The project

  • Marker sector: Retail of animal feed and agricultural products
  • Products and services: Trade products for animals and agriculture
  • Employees: 5 employees
  • Turnover: 3 milions
  • SAP® Solutions: SAP Business One

Challenges and opportunities

  • Need for an ERP to have greater governance over the sale of products to various global distributors
  • Linear and standard management of sales and purchasing activities
  • Unified management of business flows and processes across all areas
  • Need for an international ERP, but with native localization already prepared in several languages

Why SAP and InformEtica Consulting

  • SAP is an internationally recognized brand
  • SAP business one is an ERP suitable to follow the growth and development of the company
  • InformEtica Consulting because in addition to being a Gold Partner, it has an international vision and approach
  • InformEtica Consulting because it is not only a vendor, but a partner in the implementation of business technology and in step with the various innovative needs determined by the market

Value- Driven Results

  • SAP Business One has guided the company towards a uniform and international working model
  • Better control of work processes and internal and external resources
  • Real-time data for strategic planning supported by objective analysis

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green innovation
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“SAP Business One has helped us a lot in running our business since its inception. It is an easy and intuitive ERP that allows us to keep track of our business growth”.

Joachim Knapp,  COO, Green Innovation