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Stocker: SAP Business One® is an ERP that grows with your business needs

Stocker represents a story of a family that started the production of gardening tools in 1985, starting with the production of certified scissors for pruning orchards and vineyards. Over the years, the assortment of articles has grown in step with the demand of the Italian and foreign markets, to satisfy, to date, 35 countries. The mission of the Stocker family is to make innovation available to customers, hence the need to digitize business management with SAP Business One. This is a choice that has combined business growth and a spirit of adaptation to technology and innovation, based on the international market’s needs.

The project

  • Marker sector: Wholesale trade
  • Products and services: Sale of products for growing and gardening
  • Employees: 30 employees
  • Turnover: 13 milions
  • SAP® Solutions: SAP Business One

Challenges and opportunities

  • The search for a management software that would grow together with the company, according to the market’s needs
  • An ERP that has a modular system that is easy and intuitive enough to enable smoother and more streamlined work
  • A management team able to support the exponential growth of the company, able to integrate the international business needs in a single system

Why SAP and InformEtica Consulting

  • An ERP software such as SAP Business One provides the right flexibility and allows you to customize the system, making it suitable for specific needs of individual business flows.
  • During the transition to the new information system, the experience of InformEtica Consulting has been indispensable in order to face the migration of the large amount of corporate data.
  • One of SAP’s strengths is its ability to integrate additional software for a wider management

«Value- Driven» Results

  • The introduction of SAP Business One has given the company the opportunity to improve and automate many of its business processes, saving time and money.
  • The integration of SAP Business One and the warehouse management has made it possible to digitize a whole series of manual processes, allowing saving of resources and an increase of profitability.
  • All business software that are used to manage the various departments of the company can be integrated with SAP Business One for a 360° business control

Integrated vertical solutions with
SAP Business One

  • LPOne to manage descrete manufacturing
Stocker trentino alto adige
stocker bolzano
stocker bolzano

“SAP Business One can always be flexible when needed, adapting to your type of work and business needs. It is an excellent program that I recommend to other companies to manage the growth of their businesses”.

Matthias Mairhofer, CEO, Stocker Srl. Italia