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SAP Business One® to manage food production and distribution

Morato Pane needed to have an ERP that could meet the needs of companies that produce goods for consumers and that mainly use large-scale distribution channels. Morato Pane produces a total of goods for over 23 thousand tons a year, which are distributed both in Italy and abroad.

The project

  • Industry: Production of industrial bread
  • Products and Services: Production of packaged industrial bread for large retailers
  • Collaborators: 250
  • Revenue: 60 milioni
  • SAP Solutions: SAP Business One

Management needs

  • Customer and finished products hierarchy management
  • Management of commercial conditions and assortments
  • Management of direct and indirect deliveries
  • Management of multiple production facilities


  • Reliability of the brand
  • Guarantee of functional coverage, modularity and integration
  • International ERP with an accredited business partner network

Why InformEtica Consulting

  • InformEtica Consulting is a partner with experience in the Food area
  • InformEtica Consulting has developed an integrated add-on to SAP Business One that helps us manage large retailers

Evaluation of results

  • Better support and control of business processes
  • Greater integration of company functions
  • Increased productivity resources

Chosen Solutions

lpone produzione discreta

LPOne is the innovative solution developed for SAP Business One that streamlines your company’s production processes

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“We knew that there was no ERP solution on the market that fit our needs, so we paid particular attention to choosing a reliable, international and easily customizable software. In this sense, SAP Business One with its user fields and high configurability proved to be very scalable “.

Vincenzo Bua, ICT Manager, Morato Pane S.p.A.