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CLM has chosen SAP® Business One as a restructuring strategic partner

Founded in 1993, CLM is a company located in Bolzano that deals with mechanical machining and assembly groups. In 2014 had the need to innovate and change its organizational system with a new ERP. The choice, after careful analysis, was SAP Business One as it met all the requirements for both reliability and functionality.

CLM has thus begun a digital reorganization of the company, understanding immediately the strategic role that SAP Business One plays to control all the information and data that is produced every day. Production is managed with LP One on SAP Business One.

The project

  • Industry: Machinery and components
  • Products / Services: Mecanical parts production
  • Employees: 50
  • SAP Solutions: SAP Business One

Challenges and Opportunities 

  • Control of all activities related to Administration, Production and Quality
  • Traceabillity and clients service
  • Management and control of resources
  • Control and verification of production orders

Why SAP and InformEtica Consulting

  • SAP Business One was the solutioin the company needed
  • SAP Business One sorts and centralizes all the data and information of the various business sectors
  • InformEtica Consulting offers reliable profesionalism and experience.
  • InformEtica Consulting is the technological partner to grow and innovate

Value-Driven Results

  • Complete control of the company thanks to constant updated data and information.
  • Interactive management and analysis through regular economic reports.
  • Production and orders under control with LPOne on SAP Business One
  • Manual processes reduction
  • Better traceability
clm bolzano meccanica
clm bolzano meccanica di precisione
CLM-luglio-2019 sap business one

Chosen Solutions

lpone produzione discreta

LPOne is the innovative solution developed for SAP Business One that streamlines your company’s production processes

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”No matter the size of the problem, no matter the will to solve it; with SAP Business One it was possible to start the innovation and the digital transformation that the company needed”

Eros Ferraro, Production and Quality, CLM Srl