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Skechers: SAP Business One® as a reliable and fast data collector.

Skechers USA Inc. is a global market leader with a turnover of $ 5.22 billion (+ 12%) in the footwear and apparel sector. Skechers designs, manufactures and sells over 3,000 shoe models for men, women and children. For more than 15 years, the Italian branch has benefited from the flexibility and configurability of SAP Business One to gather all the information from the various areas of the company in a single platform. All this information, collected reliably and quickly, is then shared with the US parent company.

The project

  • Market sector: Footwear and Apparel
  • Products and services: Wholesale and Retail
  • Employees: 177 employees
  • Turnover: 72 milions
  • SAP® Solutions: SAP Business One

Challenges and opportunities

  • The company was initially managed with 3 non-integrated systems: one ERP system provided by the parent company, another to manage the warehouse and a third for the stores. Therefore, there was a need to integrate all this information.
  • The company wanted a stable and functional system, a tool to manage its business without errors and with flexibility.

Why SAP and InformEtica Consulting

  • SAP Business One is an international solution with the right potential to manage a large amount of data; it is flexible, user-friendly, and has a future outlook.
  • SAP Business One is an ERP platform that can receive information from other systems and integrate data of different formats.
  • After 15 years of successful collaboration with InformEtica, we are convinced that we are in good hands. They have configured the system to our needs and continued to support us when needed.
  • SAP Business One has a high ROI.

«Value- Driven» Results

  • Simple queries for real-time information.
  • Technological autonomy from the systems provided by the US parent company.
  • Stability and uniformity of data processing with a single point of reference: SAP Business One.
  • Dedicated monthly reporting for the US parent company.
  • Adaptability of the system to requirements that change over time, both by the company and by external factors such as the obligation of electronic invoicing.

“InformEtica Consulting is a partner who has been following us for 15 years, knows our business needs and offers us news and updates suitable for our company”.

Giampaolo Stella, Financial Controller CFO, Skechers, Italia