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23 August 2019

Team Building in InformEtica Consulting

The growth of the company and the well-being of its employees is a solid point in the policy of InformEtica Consulting and, by virtue of this, on June 13th all the employees and members met along the banks of the Adige for a rafting descent and a moment of playful sharing.

An afternoon different from the usual, instead of keyboards and laptops, there were paddles and laughter to accompany the movements of all the staff. Divided into 5 rubber dinghies, everyone was able to be part of a small team other than the office one. New formations in a team game that needed to find a common rhythm, a different cooperation from the one you live every day. After having found a common rhythm and having learned the art of paddling, each member has made available to his boat, the determination and the desire to win for the last leg of the descent along the river.

Laughter, water and fun were the background for a close-knit team ready to get involved. At the end of the descent an aperitif welcomed everyone, winners and losers, all for a moment of relaxation. The conclusion of an afternoon of fun could only be a convivial dinner where, besides the company, there are people who value it every day.

This is InformEtica Consulting. A company that cultivates professionalism and interpersonal relationships with which to grow and build valuable relationships.