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DRAGFLOW s.r.l.: Production of hydraulic pumps and dredgers

SAP Business One® and LPOne

DRAGFLOW Srl operates in a very competitive sector and in order to succeed in some of the most profitable market niches, it required a management solution that would allow it to organize production on a contract basis. That’s why he chose SAP Business One® and LPOne provided by InformEtica.

Il progetto

  • Industry: Machinery
  • Products and Services: Production of submersible pumps and dredging systems
  • Employees: 26
  • Database: SQL
  • SAP Solutions: SAP Business One


  • Switch from massive production to commodity production • Increase foreign sales
  • Increase post-sales services
  • Reduce delivery times to customers
  • Check production progression in a capillary manner

Why SAP and LPOne

  • SAP is an international solution that guarantees product growth and evolution
  • SAP has built a product that meets the needs of Italian company
  • InformEtica has guided strategic business choices towards the foreign market
  • InformEtica has implemented the management of orders with LPOne
  • All of the solutions adopted have led to an increase in turnover and a simplification of management and production flows of the company


  • Timely delivery thanks to a structured computer system
  • Simplification of procedures
  • Significant increases in productivity
  • Possibility of customized offers to customers through cost control and profitability of the various projects

Chosen Solutions

lpone produzione discreta

LPOne is the innovative solution developed for SAP Business One that streamlines your company’s production processes

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“In the years of the crisis (2009-2013), the company has had to revise its strategy and has been able to distinguish in the market by finding a large outlet abroad thanks to the focus on customer-made production rather than the only classic production of standard products. In this context, the partnership with InformEtica has been fundamental”.

Monica Zanini, Accounting Dpt. Manager, DRAGFLOW Srl